Everyone’s big question is… When’s book 6 coming out?!  😀

Trust me, if you guys are impatient for the final book, I’m more so.  I’ve managed to finish up the first draft of Luke’s book (woohoo!) and am giving my brain a small judgement break by working on a secret project for the next few days.  Then, I’m tackling edits and, hopefully, Thomas’s  book.  None of this answers your question, though, right?

Well, I’m writing the male POV’s first, then the final book as a dual POV to end both the Judgement Series and the Companion Series.

Here’s the line up:
Luke’s Dream
(short secret project)
Thomas’s Heart
Carlos’ Peace

See the problem?  Yep.  Summer break.  I love the kiddos and getting to spend the summer with them.  But I’m a realist when it comes to writing with them at home.  It just doesn’t work well.  It’s hard to be creatively romantic when you’re yelling, “If you don’t stop hitting your brother, I’m going to <insert random mom-threat here>.”

So, hang in there (as will I!).  Know that I’m writing as I’m able and slowly making progress.  As soon as I finish a draft, I will set a release date (Luke’s is August 9th!).

Enjoy your summers!!!