I can’t believe it was October the last time I posted here.  That won’t happen again.  Things are going to change.  I promise!

First, let me say that the time I’ve been quiet was well spent.  I’ve written Carlos’ book, which will be released in a few short days (click here for more information) and have been hard at work with other projects.  The first being the Lutha Chronicles.  If you’re following my newsletter, you probably already know I write adult paranormal/fantasy under MJ Haag at mjhaag.melissahaag.com.  The Lutha Chronicles fall under that pen name (and you can read about them here).

The next Melissa Haag project will be announced the beginning of April.  I am really excited about it, so stay tuned for more information!

And to update you all on book 6’s progress…I haven’t started yet.  Don’t start typing up your hate mail just yet.  There’s a good reason for the delay.  After writing Carlos’ book, I needed a break from the judgement world to let all the events settled and future events percolate.  Percolation is good.  It means there’s a lot going on in my head to build on.  While I mentioned summer some months ago, I realized a summer release would mean a rush job on writing, and I couldn’t do that to all of you.  I want to give this final book the time and attention it needs to finish the series with a bang.

Until next time (next month!), happy reading!