I’ve written little extras here and there for guest posts and whatnot and thought I’d put them in one place.  As I write more, I’ll add them.  Enjoy these little snippets!

Clay and Gabby - Surprise question by Rachel

An excerpt from Hope(less).
* * * *

On one of our girl nights, Rachel asked about Clay-the-man while Clay-the-dog lay curled on the floor next to me. She sat in the chair going through her laundry.
“You are so weird about him. What is it about the guy that keeps you coming back?” She sat on the couch folding her summer clothes and packing them into a tote.
Smiling slightly, I turned the page of the book in my lap saying, “You don’t know him like I do.”
“How can you know him at all when you two don’t talk?”
“You don’t need to talk to get to know someone, you just need to listen,” I said absently trying to concentrate on my reading. My words rattled in my head for a moment before what I said clicked into place. I froze and looked at Clay. His brown eyes met mine steadily.
Damn the patient, clever dog. I never had a chance… A smile twitched my lips. And I didn’t mind.

* * * *

The following interview takes place over the phone.
Rachel: Can you talk or is tall, hot, and quiet nearby?
Gabby laughs but doesn’t answer. Clay is, in fact, sitting right next to her and can hear everything Rachel says.
Rachel: Are you ever going to go on a real date with him?
Gabby: I don’t know… life is really chaotic right now.
Rachel: What would the two of you even do?
Gabby shrugs, and glances at Clay.
Gabby: I don’t know, I guess I haven’t given it much thought.
Rachel: Gabby, you need to get out more. He needs to take you places. Treat you special.
Gabby: He does treat me special.
Clay frowns and looks down at his hands.
Rachel: Oh, really? Where did you two go on your last date?
Gabby struggles to remember anything that could count as a date.
Gabby: We went out for breakfast.
Rachel snorts.
Rachel: Based on the pause, I’m guessing it was a while ago. Come on. What would you like to do with Clay?
Gabby thinks of the night she went dancing with Rachel and her heart skips a beat.
Rachel: I can tell you’re thinking of something, spill it.
Gabby: Dancing would be fun. I liked wearing that dress.
Gabby glances at Clay, but he doesn’t appear to be paying attention.
Rachel: So you want to go somewhere fun, with music, where you can wear a pretty dress and dance with Clay?
Gabby: Why are you asking me all this?
Rachel laughs.
Rachel: I want you to have fun. You’re crazy about him, but the two of you never do anything. Just trying to help you out with some ideas.
Gabby thinks there’s something more to Rachel’s questions, but doesn’t comment.
Gabby: Just spending time with him doing the everyday things is perfect for me.
Rachel gives a long suffering sigh and Gabby smiles.
Rachel: I can see you two will need motivation. I have the perfect opportunity for you. Gabby, will you be my maid of honor?
Gabby’s eyes pop open wide and she fully turns to Clay who immediately gives her his attention. His lips twitch in amusement and he plucks the phone from her hand.
Clay: She says yes.
Rachel screams in his ear.
Rachel: OH MY GOD!! YOU DO TALK!! Clay, I can’t wait to see you in a suit.
Clay hands the phone back to Gabby, who even without heightened werewolf hearing heard Rachel’s response. Gabby smiles stupidly as she and Rachel talk dates and plans. Rachel’s wedding will be the best date. The perfect date. Gabby can’t wait to see Clay dressed up, either.

Clay - Author/Character Interview


A knock sounds at the door.  Melissa scrambles to tuck the latest novel she’s reading under a sofa cushion and then runs to answer the door.  The afternoon interviewee has arrived.  Melissa peeks out the door and finds a scruffy looking man staring back.  His longish hair partially covers his eyes and a beard covers his face.  Despite his dubious appearance, she opens the door with a smile.

Melissa:  Hi!  Come on in.  **steps aside and motions Clay in.**

Clay nods in greeting and enters.

Melissa:  Please have a seat.  **motions Clay to sit and takes a seat across from him in her slightly dusty living room.**

Melissa:  I was so excited you agreed to this interview.  After finishing Hope(less), I have so many questions for you.  Can I get you anything to drink before we start?

Clay declines with a shake of his head.

Melissa:  ** leans back into her chair and picks up a pad of paper to take notes.**  Tell me, what did you think of Gabby when you first saw her?

Clay smiles slightly.  His whisker’s twitch. 

Clay:  Pretty.

Melissa waits for a few seconds for Clay to say more, clears her throat, and then moves on when he remains quiet.

Melissa:  What exactly happened that night you brought her back to the compound?  I’m really curious about the leaves in her hair.

Clay shifts uncomfortably and shrugs.

Clay:  Distraction.

Melissa:  **blinks at his taciturn response.**  Let’s talk about your favorite color.  Why pink?

Clay:  **grins wickedly and shrugs.**  Bikini.

Melissa:  Oh?  **leans forward anticipating more detail, but is left waiting.  Stifling a groan of frustration, moves on to the next question.**  What made you decide to get a job from Dale?

Clay:  **gives a full grin, showing teeth.  His eyes crinkle at the corners.**  Opportunity.

Melissa:  **the sexy smile evokes memories of several scenes from Hope(less).  Melissa shakes herself, and barely avoids sighing in a dreamy fashion.**  What did you think of Gabby’s attempts to get rid of you?

Clay:  **a quick laugh escapes him.**  Expected.

Melissa:  **looks down at the blank note paper and scowls briefly before returning her focus to Clay.**  I don’t want to give anything away for anyone who hasn’t read Hope(less), but tell me… how do you feel about how the book ended?

Clay:  **the heart-melting smile returns.**  Satisfied.

Melissa:  **desperate for something to put to paper asks a simple yes or no question.**  Have you shaved for Gabby yet?

Clay shrugs enigmatically.

Melissa:  **quickly asks the next question.**  Do you have any insight what will happen in the next installment of the series?

Clay shakes his head.

Melissa:  Will we learn anything more about Gabby’s abilities?

Clay shrugs.

Melissa:  **tries a different approach.**  Now that Hope(less) is finished, what do you plan to do?

Clay:  Wait.

Melissa:  **frustration creeps into the next question.**  We can expect to see you again, then?

Clay shrugs enigmatically.

Melissa:  **makes a show of looking at her watch.**  Well, look at the time!  **Stands and extends hand.**  I appreciate your time and your succinct answers.  **leads Clay to the door.**

Clay nods and exits.

Melissa returns to the couch, digs out her Novel where the men actually speak in complete sentences, and escapes into another world.


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