I love hearing from you!  Don’t stop emailing me, sending me questions, and leaving reviews on retailers sites.  It all makes my day.  🙂  However, if you’re not comfortable emailing me, for your convenience, I’ve created a list of frequently asked questions.


When will the next Judgement book be published?
Just kidding.

If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll keep you up to date on my progress (I try to send it out every eight weeks or so…or when there’s a cool discount coming up…or exclusive content I want to share).

I found a typo.  Do you want to know about it?
If you find a mistake in any of my books, please feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to make corrections and apologize for anything my editors may have missed.

Note: Judgement spelled with an “e” is the Oxford spelling…it’s on purpose.  🙂

What series/titles have you written?
For a full list of all my titles, please visit the Titles/Series page.

Do you write under any pen names?
Why, yes I do!  M.J. Haag is my adult pen name.  The books I’ve published using Melissa Haag are suitable for most audiences.

You can find out more about the books written under M.J. Haag here:

Do you actually read all of your reviews?
Yep!  Every wonderful one of them!  I do not, however, comment.  But good or bad, I truly appreciate all of them!

Why is Hope(less) the only book you offer for free?
Think of a mall.  Most malls have a food court.  (I love the food court!)  Many of the restaurants there have someone out front offering a free taste of the food they can provide.

Hope(less) is your free taste of the books I can offer you.

Where can I purchase print copies of your books?
If you’re ordering for an address within the United States, Amazon is the best place to order print copies.  If you’re ordering for international addresses, you’re better off with https://www.bookdepository.com/ since they offer free shipping world wide.  Sweet, right?  😀

How can I help you keep writing?
Yeah, no one’s actually asked this yet but I thought I’d answer it anyway.  😀

I love writing!  I live with whole worlds spinning around in my head.  They’re just waiting for me to find the time to let them out.  So, July 2013 I took a leap of faith and retired from my day job.  I spent the summer with my kids then, when school started up again, started writing full-time.  I’ll be honest, it was a slow, scary start, and I was wondering when my husband would broach the subject of me returning to my day job.

2014 went much better and 2015 exceeded my expectations.  And that’s because of you!  Thank you to everyone who purchased a book, told a friend about me, or helped spread the word about a giveaway.  Because of your support, I’m still writing, and with your continued support, I’ll hopefully avoid “the talk” for another year.

How can I get my hands on a review copy of your next book?
If you’re a blogger, feel free to email me and request a review copy.  If you’re a reader, check out the Judgement of the Six group or follow my FaceBook page.  I often host launch groups where I give ARCs in exchange for honest reviews just before a release.

Why didn’t I receive an email after I subscribed to your newsletter?
I’ve seen several email addresses come back as undeliverable.  If it’s an obvious error (.co instead of .com), I try to fix it.  Sometimes, that doesn’t work, though.  So if you’re waiting for your link to the exclusive content, email me and we’ll straighten everything out.  🙂


Have a question I didn’t answer?  Contact me!


  1. Dominique


    I have Clay’s Hope: Judgement of the Six Companion Series, Book 1 and Hope(less) (Judgement of the Six Book 1).

    They both seem related.

    Could you please tell me which one I should read first?

    Thank you!

    • Melissa Haag

      I would recommend reading Hope(less) first and then Clay’s Hope. When you reach the end, you will most likely search book two and see a new character mentioned. I did not abandon Clay and Gabby. They do continue with the series. The second book introductions another character integral to the series plot arc. Happy reading!

  2. vikki

    I finished book 5 and am really looking forward to book 6. At the end of book 5 it said that (Sur) real would be available early 2016. But this site doesn’t even show book 5 as available for sale yet. Would you pleas update the site and let us know when book 6 will be available?

    • Melissa Haag

      When I wrote book 5, I had no idea I would be moving at the end of 2015. It threw HUGE wrench in my writing schedule and as you noticed, I fell behind on a lot of author things. So, early 2016 is not happening. I do have three releases tentatively scheduled for this year (Emmitt, Luke, and Thomas’ stories). If I can write faster and release more, I promise I will. Thank you for reading!

  3. Gwen

    I am so excited to hear that there will be more Morik, he is one of my favourite characters. I was just wondering if you have ever thought about continuing the stories from Shadows and Light. I would love to read more about them. (Full novels maybe?) I also just wanted to say that I love all of your stories, genuinely. Quite an imagination you have there!

    • Melissa Haag

      I’ve been asked to extend the stories in Shadows and Light a few times already. 😉 It is on my slightly long list of things to accomplish during my writing career. My husband shakes his head at my imagination and my dreams. It just never shuts off. 😀

  4. Patty

    I just read Hopeless (lovedit!)

    Is there a list of each of your series and
    the order in which each within the series
    was written?

    I really prefer reading in the proper
    sequence rather than jumping around
    and playing catch up with characters
    and storylines.



    • Melissa Haag

      Great question! I will update the FAQ with the information. 🙂

  5. Nikki Thompson

    Will there be more MORIK? PLEASE SAY YES!

    • Melissa Haag

      Yes. 😀 I hope to publish a sequel yet this late year or early next.

      • Amanda

        That would be amazing! I absolutely love Morik … and all your book characters really. I read so many crummy books that it’s so nice to find someone who writes so well and keeps you glued to the pages! I hope someday I can make people feel the same way you’ve made me feel. Can’t wait for your next publish!


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