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To celebrate the upcoming release of the next book in the Judgement of the Six Companion series, grab a copy of Hope(less) FREE!

Delve into a riveting world of werewolves and young women with unexplained abilities.

“Best book series ever! I recommend everyone read these books.” Julie H. Read Your Writes Book Reviews

Gabby’s brain is like a human fish finder. It comes in handy when she wants to avoid people. Mostly men. They seem to like her a bit too much. It’s lonely being different, but she’s adapted to it. Really. She just wishes she knew why she is different, though.

In her search for answers, she discovers a hidden community of werewolves. She immerses herself in their culture, learning about their world until she meets Clay. He’s unkempt, prone to mood swings, intense without saying a word, and he thinks Gabby is his.

It’s going to take every trick she knows to convince Clay to go away, and every bit of willpower not to fall for him when she discovers the man beneath the rough exterior.

Judgement has begun…

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Now also in paperback!

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  1. Mary Hubert

    I got this book about a week ago and since then had read all five books. I am so excited for book 6.

    • Melissa Haag

      Be sure to check out the Companion Books. Clay’s Hope, the Companion to Hope(less), is also free. 😉

  2. Karen DuBose

    Thank you for writing such awesome books. But since I already have this book I will let the next person have it.

  3. Anusha Gs

    hey Melissa… i just finished with book 2… and I’ve to admit it, your books are the best…You are the first in my top five list… Thank you for writing such amazing books… I love the way they grab hold of my attention while I’m reading them… Looking forward to start with the book 3… 🙂

    • Melissa Haag

      Thank you so much! I hope you like book 3 just as much as the first and second ones. 🙂

  4. Heather Leanne

    This series has consumed me so unbelievably much. I’m a big time supernatural reader, so when I found this book for free on kindle I was ecstatic! I have read all of their stories (the other 4 I’ve read in the past week, seriously!!) I was so consumed however that every time I had to stop reading I felt like I was missing something. I was so grateful for the audio companion I bought to go with it. Without it I felt like I was missing one of my favorite shows or something lol. You are a wonderful author and I will be reading more of your work while I wait for Olivia’s story to come out😊

    • Melissa Haag

      Thank you so much, Heather!

  5. Kateyn

    I’m so happy you had the first book free. I found it after reading the Beauty and the Beast series ( which was also amazing by the way) and after three days I’m already on book three. Your books are amazing.

    • Melissa Haag

      Aw! Thank you!


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