Judgement of the Six Companion Series

Judgement of the Six Companion Series

See the world through the eyes of the men of the Judgement of the Six series…

Book 1
Publication Date: April , 2015

A werewolf more comfortable in his fur than his skin, Clay only thinks he knows what it means to be human.  Until he meets Gabby, his unique human Mate.  The Claiming rules have changed and learning has never been harder…


Book 2
Projected Publication Date: May 24, 2016

The story of finding my Mate starts like a bad bar joke–a woman walked into a diner. If only the punch line made it better. But it doesn’t. She’s running and scared and keeping a secret. One of my kind, a werewolf, had kept her prisoner for years. What he did is unforgivable. What I’ll do when I find him will be far worse.


LukesDream_ebook_editedLuke’s Dream
Book 3
Projected Publication Date: August 9, 2016

Luke’s been kicked in the teeth by fate enough to know: nice guys finish last.  Yet, he still finds himself driving across the country to look for someone because Gabby asked him to.  It was his one last nice deed.  Afterwards, he’s going Mate hunting and nothing will stop him from Claiming what’s his.


Book 4
Projected Publication Date: November 22, 2016

Thomas vows no human would go unpunished for the destruction of his world.  His mission to rid the north of every one of them comes to a halt when he meets Charlene.  He wants her, but can’t have her.  She’s unique.  And she’s changing everything.



Book 5
Projected Publication Date: Feb 2017

My earliest memory holds a secret that haunts me. Driven not to repeat the mistake of my past, I’ve moulded myself to become what’s needed, a protector of my race. But even that might be taken from me.



(Unnamed – Final Judgement book – Dual POV)
(no title yet)
Book 6
Projected Publication Date: May/June 2017 (Yea, I’m guessing)

Blurb coming the end of 2016.



  1. Adriana

    When will Thomas heart be published I am very anxious to read it i am very i to this series and I happen to reread it every time I find a new book out i hope it is coming out before the end of 2016.

    • Melissa Haag

      Thomas is coming November 22nd! 😀

  2. Robin

    Are the companion series book going to become available on Audible? I listen to you books while I work.

    • Melissa Haag

      At this point, it’s unlikely. At the length of those books, it would cost me about $2,000 per book to have them produced. The main Judgement Series audio books aren’t doing well enough to justify that expense so far. However, you can help make it a possibility by recommending the Judgement books to your friends and other readers. Maybe it will happen someday.


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