It’s July!  Where’s book six?!

Yeah, about that…

Way back when I published Clay (because the majority of reader emails were begging for Clay’s inner most thoughts then), I asked if I should move ahead with writing the companion books.  The response was a resounding yes.

Wanting to give stories more depth than just a retelling from a different point of view, I started weaving in details to help explain…stuff (No spoilers here!).  You can still choose to ignore the male POVs and hold out for book 6; but for those who are reading them, I need to finish Thomas and Carlos before I can write the final book or those who are reading the Companion books will be missing “stuff” when they read book 6.

Providing real life drama stays at a minimum, I plan to publish Thomas late this fall.  Carlos early next year, and book 6, which will be the conclusion to the main series and the companion series, in late spring (Edited as of May 30, 2017: The book is coming late fall).

So, next year will bring an end to the Judgement world and hopefully I will start to write a new world for you to enjoy.  Something in space or with a fairy tales theme, perhaps?  😉