I know it sucks waiting between books.  As I reader, I don’t like it.  As an author, I’ve come to understand why it happens.  So, I thought it would be fun (or maybe just interesting) to share my writing process with you all so you get a glimpse into an author’s schedule and why there are sometimes gaps between book releases.

Step one – First-draft the book.  Takes about a month, for me.
Step two – Let it sit (marinate) while the cover is designed and revealed and release dates are announced (This is when I’m usually wishing my stomach allowed me to drink any form of alcohol).  Takes about a month.
Step three – Second-draft the book (aka self-edits).  Takes about a week.
Step four – Hand it off to the Alpha reader for approval.  THIS TAKES FOREVER!  (Takes about 2-3 days)
Step five – Update as needed based on Alpha feedback and hand off to beta readers.  Takes about a week.
Step six – Update as needed then hand off to the editor.  Takes about two weeks.
Step seven – Send the edited copy to proofreaders.  Takes about 1-2 weeks.
Step eight – Send the proofed copy to ARC reviewers to catch any lingering mistakes.  Takes about 1-2 weeks.
Step nine – Publish and get into readers’ hands.

Publishing a book is about a three-month process, minimum (again, for me).  However, because of the times where I’m waiting (when other people have the book), I’m often working on some of these steps for different projects at the same time.  (Nope, I don’t know how to sit still.)  While working on several projects at once can mean releasing books quicker, it can also mean I’m talking about a new book when the “old” book hasn’t yet released because it’s still somewhere in the process.

That’s what’s happening now.  (Sur)real’s been drafted, the cover created, and the pre-order links thrown out to you readers, but now it’s sitting (marinating) before I pick it up again for step three.  While it’s sitting, I’m finishing up the first draft of something new and awesome, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it next month after it’s had its time to marinate.  😉

Happy reading!