Of Fates and Furies

Of Fates and Furies is the first series of three set in Uttira, a magical town that exists within the human world. A town that is home to the creatures of the gods.  The creatures with the mark of Mantirum.  Based on a combination of Norse and Greek mythology, this trilogy focuses on a fury named Megan, who was raised in the human world and has no idea what she is.

Book 1
Publication Date: January 23, 2018

Raised to believe she’s human, Megan must discover the truth about who and what she is to stop a murderer after her mom abandons her in Uttira, a town filled with mythological creatures posing as humans.



Book 2
Publication Date: May 2018

With a new boyfriend and new responsibilities, Megan’s control begins to slip and new abilities start to emerge, and she must learn to control them or risk never being able to leave Uttira again.



Book 3
Publication Date: September 2018

Description coming soon!