Summer is half done

A month has passed since my last post and in that time, I’ve launched my adult pen name, MJ Haag.  The response has been amazing!  If you haven’t seen any of the MJ Haag books yet, check out the series info page hereThank you to all my 18 and over readers who’ve taken a chance on a new type of story from me.  Hopefully you’ve found it as well-written as my YA books.

Speaking of YA books…I’ve started setting up (Dis)content for pre-order!  woohoo!!!

That means I have some links to share with you.  :D

Pre-order links:
Amazon: Check back in august!  (They won’t let me upload the book more than 90 days before the release date.  I did ask.  Sorry!!)
Barnes & Noble:
Google Play: Check back in November!

If you missed the cover reveal and the blurb for (Dis)content, check out the book info page here.

Until next time, happy reading!

Depravity is ready for pre-order!

Depravity is up for pre-order on Amazon!  (Not all retailers allow pre-orders.)

I’m so excited to share this project with my adult readers. I love, love Beauty and the Beast.  It’s one of my favorite fairy tales.  And, I think you’ll find the Beastly Tales (Depravity: Part 1, Deceit: Part 2, and Devastation: Part 3) a darkly captivating twist on a tale we all love.

Download your copy of Depravity now – only 99 cents for a limited time (the price goes to 2.99 the day after release, which is June 16th).

NOTE:  You’ll noticed that I’ve used my pan name MJ Haag for Depravity.  This is to differentiate my YA books from my adult books.

Want an advanced copy?  I’m once again hosting a Lauch Team.  Please see the Membership Request form for more details.

Until my next post, happy reading!