County Fair foods

The kids and I were able to go to the county fair this year.  They love the rides, and I love people watching and food.  :)  This year, the boys tried shark on a stick and alligator on a stick.  I took a nibble of both and would have to say I liked the shark best.  Last year’s unique food was frog legs.  If it weren’t for the green skin, I’d eat those all the time.  It was really that good.

So what unique foods were at your local fair this summer?

Summer school is done

Well, I’ve wrapped up the edits for (Mis)fortune–so excited!–and I’m making progress on my new works in progress (you can visit the Judgement group on facebook for word count totals).

Since summer school is out, time to take my laptop to the beach and rack up some writing time.  I hope sand doesn’t get in the keyboard like last year…