Depravity is ready for pre-order!

Depravity is up for pre-order on Amazon!  (Not all retailers allow pre-orders.)

I’m so excited to share this project with my adult readers. I love, love Beauty and the Beast.  It’s one of my favorite fairy tales.  And, I think you’ll find the Beastly Tales (Depravity: Part 1, Deceit: Part 2, and Devastation: Part 3) a darkly captivating twist on a tale we all love.

Download your copy of Depravity now – only 99 cents for a limited time (the price goes to 2.99 the day after release, which is June 16th).

NOTE:  You’ll noticed that I’ve used my pan name MJ Haag for Depravity.  This is to differentiate my YA books from my adult books.

Want an advanced copy?  I’m once again hosting a Lauch Team.  Please see the Membership Request form for more details.

Until my next post, happy reading!

What’s in store for this summer?

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully you all saw that Clay’s Hope is now live.  If you haven’t already grabbed your copy at 99 cents, you might want to do so before the 28th when price returns to 2.99.

Since releasing Clay’s Hope, I’ve been busy with edits for a new project.  (No breaks for this girl!)  What’s the new project you ask?  Well, I’ve written an adult paranormal romance and will be publishing it under my pen name MJ Haag.  You can read more about the Beastly Tales here:  Part 1, Depravity, already up for pre-order on Amazon here: (it may be awhile before I have it up on other channels as I’ll be using a new distributor).

Here’s the publishing schedule:

  • Depravity – June 16th
  • Deceit – July 21st
  • Devastation – August 25th

A busy summer release-wise!

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